Repair SQLite Database

SQLite Database Recovery Tool

The Software Recovers Corrupted SQLite Database

  • The software recovers corrupt SQLite tables, views, triggers, foreign key, index and other components with efficiency.
  • The software for SQLite database recovery retrieves data from various platforms like: Windows (WinCE, Win32), Linux (Android, Linux) etc.
  • The software recovers database of any of the SQLite version. Also, the software is capable to handle diverse corruption consequences.

SQLite Database Recovery Tool: Designed With Excellence!

Need for SQLite recovery tools occur very often but corruption of database makes it a must have solution in the toolkit for disaster recovery. For example: Sometimes when the system is set for automatic backup, it tries to backup SQLite backup also while the transaction is being processed. This way the database may get damaged as a result of comprised of old and new data.

Why Need to Perform SQLite Database Recovery ?

No matter what the reason is for corruption of SQLite database, we ensure you that our reliable SQLite Database recovery service will help you get back lost database back. With the help of perfectly-engineered and simply-framed SQLite Recovery software by our organization, users are rendered with a foolproof set for revival of lost database. The software deals with diverse reasons causing SQLite corruption like:

  • File systems with missing lock implementations
  • Database file being named-again or un-linked
  • Operating System issues or Synchronization failure
  • Database page leak or file overwriting etc.

How Perfectly Our SQLite Recovery Solution Works!

  • Once the software scans the selected database file and recovers data from it, three different options for exporting the output is provided to users.
  • The recovered SQLite database can be saved as MS Access, SQLite database or other database.
  • Create a DSN (Database Store Network) following the steps mentioned the below mentioned image:

create dsn

Now, select the DSN connection and then export the recovered database to it.

Get Technical Details of the SQLite Recovery Tool

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Operating System:

System Requirements:

Demo Limitations:

SQLite Database Recovery


149 US Dollar


Windows 8.1, 8, 7, XP and other all editions are supported

Software needs 512 MB Ram (Recommended 1 GB) & minimum 20 MB of free disk space

Free tool preview all db or .sqlite database file

Steps to Know How to Recover Corrupt SQLite

SQLite database recovery Tool
SQLite Scaning Process
Export Process database Recovery Tool
Exporting Orders SQL Tool

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Testimonials of the SQLite Database Recovery Software

After using the SQLite Database Recovery application I can positively state it as a highly reliable solution for restoring DB files of your application. I had successfully recovered all of my data for my Skype account using its SQLite.db file and your tool. Thanks!

- Samantha George, Sydney

I got exactly what I need by downloading the SQLite Recovery software. The tool recovers SQLite data to 3 different file formats, I got that service, still it feels like fantastic. Quickly I recovered my SQLite database, Thank you guys for making my task easier.

- Macgrezz Jacqulin, Italy